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Motor Mouth 90.3 FM Radio Features Matt Avery To Discuss his new book, COPO

Updated: May 10, 2022

I took to the airwaves yesterday, being invited as a guest on the famed MotorMouthRadio, broadcasting live from Garden City, New Jersey on FM 90.3, not far from the hubbub of downtown New York City and the bright lights of Times Square.

The show's gearhead hosts, Ray Guarino and Joe D. had me on to chat all things COPO, including what are the rarest models, some of the difficulties in the research and development of the book and discussing what type of rides the younger generations are into.

We had a blast and I'd recommend tuning in to hear their program every Sunday from 12pm-1pm (EST). A fun fact? Their studio isn't far from where Baldwin-Motion was cranking out their high-powered 427 Camaros. Wicked!

Listen to the interview here.



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