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Matt Avery is an accomplished automotive journalist with a passion for muscle cars and performance vehicles. He is known for his ability to examine a subject matter in its entirety and extract its most vital components, presenting them in a thorough and comprehensive manner.

Matt's expertise is evident in his two books, COPO and Camaro Special Editions. COPO, released in 2018, explores the performance efforts of Chevrolet's Central Office during the late 1960s and early 1970s.


It quickly became the authoritative guide to this era and has won several awards, including a Silver Journalism Award from the Automotive Heritage Awards.

His follow-up book, Camaro Special Editions, continues his deep dive into go-fast Chevy offerings, spotlighting the many special editions available on the Camaro throughout its six generations.

Matt is also working on a feature-length documentary examining one of the most exciting eras of modern performance.


He frequently speaks at automotive events and shows around the country, conducting in-depth lectures and seminars. His extensive knowledge and passion for the subject matter make him a sought-after expert in the automotive industry.

Author Matt Avery of COPO Camaro, Chevelle and Nova and Camaro Special Editions


Stay up to date with Matt by checking out his blog. Here you'll find his take on the latest car news, vehicle spotlights, and event coverage.

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