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Launched in the Fall of 2020, Auto World, one of the leading makers of collectible diecast vehicles, released a special collection of 1/64-scale COPO cars modeled after real deal vehicles featured in Matt Avery's COPO book. 

The twelve-car run was part of the company's Johnny Lightning Muscle Cars U.S.A. series. Each features Avery's award-winning photography on the packaging along with exclusive COPO facts and figures.


The limited edition of 2,500 pieces with award-winning photography on the packaging, along with exclusive COPO facts and figures, made them a must-have for collectors and car enthusiasts.


The 'White Hot' 'chase' examples created for the collection were an added bonus for collectors and added a level of rarity to the already limited-edition collection.


The availability of the collection in major retailers like Hobby Lobby and Meijer stores, as well as direct purchase from Auto World, made it easily accessible to fans of the COPO book and car enthusiasts alike.