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What is a Dana Camaro?

Dana Chevrolet was indeed one of the early players in the conversion of 1967 Camaros to 427 V8 power.


The dealership, located in Los Angeles, California, was known for its high-performance modifications and was a popular destination for car enthusiasts in the 1960s.

Dana Chevrolet's modified Camaros were known as the "Dana Super Camaros" and were highly sought-after by collectors at the time.


Today, these cars are rare and highly collectible, with prices for well-preserved examples reaching into the six figures.

If you have any information, documents, or pictures related to Dana Chevrolet's story, it would be a valuable contribution to the automotive community's collective knowledge.


Contacting Matt or other automotive historians would ensure that the story of Dana Chevrolet and their Super Camaros is preserved for future generations of car enthusiasts to appreciate.

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