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Camaro Special Editions



ISBN-13: 978-1613254912

Since its launch in 1967, Camaro has always been a friend to driving enthusiasts.

The model has proved to be the perfect canvas for all sorts of special editions and has remained that way throughout six generations of the iconic and world-wide loved model. In Camaro Special Editions author Matt Avery spotlights the most significant, closely exploring the pinnacles and high points of the model’s lineage. 

Starting with the classics, the story is told of the venerable Z-28, the Corvette-sourced L89 and JL8, and the factory COPO zeniths including the legendary ZL1. Moving to the realm of outside heavy hitters, Matt profiles the efforts of dealer partners like Nickey, Dana, Gorries, Baldwin-Motion, Yenko, and the works of drag racer, Dick Harrell.  

From its very first year of production, Camaro has played a starring role in Indy 500 celebrations, and included is a comprehensive look at the many different pace and festival variants that have been present and accounted for at the famed Brickyard speedway.

Fast forward to the Camaro’s fourth generation and the high-octane activities accelerate even quicker with contemporary tuners like Callaway and SLP joining the fray along with dealer powerhouse programs from Berger Chevrolet and GMMG, Hendrick Motorsports, Dale Earnhardt Chevrolet, and more. 

The very latest Camaros are documented, too, including the resurrected ZL1 and Z/28, SVE’s reimagined Yenko street terror, and Chevrolet Performance’s all-out COPO racecar. 

Striking factory packages such as the Hot Wheels and Transformers aren’t left out and all the anniversary editions are examined, each marking milestones in the model’s fifty-six-year journey in becoming the thumping heartbeat of American sportscar prowess. 

This book is the must-have resource and authoritative guide for celebrating Camaro and its many fantastic and storied special editions. 

Camaro Special Editions book by Matt Avery
Camaro Special Editions book by Matt Avery



224 PAGES    |   SOFT COVER    |    RELEASED: JUNE 2023



This colorful book showcases an exceptional collection of all-new photography captured by Matt exclusively for this project.


To ensure the highest quality, Matt traveled coast to coast throughout the United States and even into Canada in his tireless pursuit to document the very best examples of each vehicle covered in this comprehensive and authoritative resource. The very best reference-quality Camaros were selected and captured in dynamic ways to bring their stories to life. 



Matt maintains a busy itinerary traveling to numerous speaking engagements and educational seminars throughout the year at major automotive events across the country.


He is a highly sought-after personality in the automotive community and is often invited to be a Celebrity Judge or Featured Author, where he conducts book signings and offers a behind-the-scenes look at the making of his works.


Whether it's at the world-renowned SEMA show in Las Vegas, the prestigious Amelia Island Concours d'Elegance, or the iconic Woodward Dream Cruise in Detroit, Matt brings his unique insight leaving audiences informed and entertained.

Camaro Special Editions book by Matt Avery


Matt at MCACN
Matt at MCACN
Nov 18, 2023, 10:00 AM – Nov 19, 2023, 9:00 AM
Camaro Special Editions book by Matt Avery


The information presented in this new book is based on the most current available data at the time of Matt's writing. While all efforts have been made to ensure the highest accuracy, it is important to note that his research in the field is constantly evolving, and new discoveries may emerge.

If you, as a reader, have insight, updates or new information relevant to the topics discussed in this book, please use the adjacent form to reach out. Your input and contributions are greatly appreciated and will be taken into consideration for future revisions, editions, or publications.  

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The COPO program at Chevrolet during the 1960s was a secret backdoor program that produced some of the most powerful and sought-after muscle cars of the era. This program allowed Chevy racers and car owners to compete with Mopar and Ford on the racetrack and on the streets.


The COPO Camaros, Chevelles, and Novas were the ultimate high-performance GM muscle cars that were not available to the general public.


Author Matt Avery's latest book offers an inside look at the COPO program and the incredible muscle cars that were produced as a result. Avery has spent countless hours researching and interviewing individuals who were involved in the program, and he provides a detailed and authoritative resource for anyone interested in these legendary cars.

COPO Camaro, Chevelle, Nova book by Matt Avery
Camaro Special Editions book by Matt Avery
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