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History in the Making: GMMG Camaro Legends To Make MCACN Debut

Updated: May 10, 2023

Get ready for the largest anniversary gathering of Berger Supercar Dick Harrell Edition Camaros since they were new.

GMMG Camaro Legends display at MCACN

  • 'Modern Muscle: GMMG Legends' invitational display to debut at this year’s 2022 Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals

  • The assembly highlights the top-tier Camaro built by GMMG - the 2002 Berger Supercar: Dick Harrell Edition Camaro

  • The curated group of Dick Harrell Edition vehicles will be the largest show gathering since they were new

  • These are the newest model year vehicles to be shown at MCACN in a dedicated display and the first time GMMG vehicles have ever been spotlighted at this level

  • The display will be hosted by author and Camaro historian, Matt Avery

  • Educational seminars will provide insight into the cars’ full origins and story.

For 2022, the Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals is racing into the millennium era of modern muscle, debuting an invitational gallery of ultimate Camaros assembled by the powerhouse duo of Berger Chevrolet and GMMG.

The pair charged hard, redefining the availability of showroom speed in the early 2000s and serving as the leading provider of bespoke 4th-generation Camaro programs.

2002 Dick Harrell Camaro Supercar by Berger
DHE #23 is the only example to fitted with 5-spoke FIKSE wheels.

While GMMG created hundreds of Camaros, this dazzling one-of-a-kind display will highlight the utmost echelon: the 2002 Berger Supercar Dick Harrell Edition Camaro. The limited run featured extensive modifications including the availability of a Corvette-sourced 427ci C5R V8 race engine and a striking wide body design that included carbon fiber components.

When new, many of these wild vehicles carried prices well over $100,000 and boasted upwards of 630 horsepower.

Even more remarkable is the historic Berger Chevrolet selling the entire production run, offering leadfoot customers a new-car experience truly unlike any other.

Vehicles Related to the Program (COUPES)










*Vehicle used for clay mock-up of body panels. Later given the wide-body panels.

2002 Dick Harrell Camaro Supercar by Berger and GMMG
DHE cars #01 and #30, known as the Historical Bookends of the run, will be on display together.

The 20th Anniversary Celebration

Now, in celebration of the speciality vehicles’ 20th anniversary, a curated assembly will make their official debut at MCACN, marking the newest model year muscle cars to ever be presented at the highly esteemed event.

2002 Dick Harrell Camaro Supercar by Berger and GMMG
The Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals is considered the premiere indoor showing of vintage & classic muscle cars.

Called ‘Modern Muscle: GMMG Legends’, the display will be the largest gathering of Berger Supercar: Dick Harrell Edition Camaros since they were new, with a special emphasis showcasing the premier Phase 3 variants.

It will also mark the first time a dedicated display of GMMG vehicles has been showcased at this level at the MCACN.

“What Berger Chevrolet and GMMG accomplished with this run is the closest we’ll likely ever come to recapturing the magic of the go-fast dealer programs of the 1960s,’ said Matt Avery, host of the display. “Given the quantity, the consistent uniformity and their truly over-the-top capabilities, these special Camaros were in a league of their own.”

2002 Dick Harrell Camaro Supercar by Berger and GMMG
DHE #04 is the only one of the run equipped with a Phase 5 454ci engine upgrade.

2002 Dick Harrell Camaro Supercar by Berger and GMMG
DHE #15, the companion to DHE #04, will also be on display at the GMMG Legends, marking the first time these two have been reunited.

Showstopping Vehicles

Attendees and show-goers will get to see such rare examples as the bookend pair that started and ended the historic run: cars #01 and car #30.

Other display highlights include the reuniting of the Sunset Orange Metallic twins, cars #04 (one of just 2 equipped with the rare Phase 5 upgrade), and car #15. This will mark the first time these vehicles have appeared together at this level of event.

Car #06, the only example painted Corvette Electron Blue, and featured heavily in period media will also be in attendance along with car #23, the only example with FIKSE FM5 wheels and a custom houndstooth interior.

Sample the high-octane roar of these race-ready legends here.

2002 Dick Harrell Camaro Supercar by Berger and GMMG
DHE #20 is the only example of the run to be painted Light Pewter Metallic.
2002 Dick Harrell Camaro Supercar by Berger and GMMG
DHE #18, painted in a custom House of Kolor Organic Green, will be on display.

A New Educational Seminar

To give guests the inside track behind the creation of these radical Camaros, Avery will present a new seminar entitled ‘Berger’s Supercar: The Dick Harrell Edition Camaro’.

The hour-long educational lecture dives deep into the events leading up to this landmark Camaro program, spotlights the key players who made it all happen and thoroughly details the performance and cosmetic contents that were added to make these vehicles so legendary.

Author Matt Avery
Matt will present a new seminar detailing the story of the Dick Harrell Camaros.

Camaro Special Editions book by Matt Avery

The research, photography and material showcased in the seminar is drawn from Avery’s newest book, Camaro Special Editions, which includes a close look at GMMG’s efforts.

It is also the first book to prominently showcase a Dick Harrell Edition Camaro on the cover.

To complete the iconic red, white and blue color scheme, DHE #25 is featured along with a 1967 Camaro Pace Car replica and a 2015 Nickey Camaro.

Official Video Announcement

The first news of the GMMG Legends display was made at a most appropriate place: the showroom floor at the historic Berger Chevrolet. As part of their 23rd Annual All-GM Show, Avery made the official announcement that these legendary cars would be taking part in this year’s MCACN.

The statement is made at 3:10 in the video.

About Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals

MCACN is the world's largest all-indoor car show devoted to muscle cars, dealer-built supercars, and Corvettes. MCACN’s annual show at Donald E. Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont, Illinois, attracts more than 500 of the nation’s finest examples of American Muscle for featured display.

Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals
The event is held annually in Rosemont, Illinois, minutes from the O'Hare airport.

It’s the ultimate gathering place for enthusiasts, young and old, who have a passion for horsepower. Read a preview of what's in store here.

Plan to attend MCACN on November 19-20, 2022. Learn more at

About Matt Avery

Matt Avery is a veteran automotive journalist and avid Camaro historian. He was a technician for Mercedes-Benz and BMW before writing for the television show, MotorWeek.

He then joined the editorial team as Senior Video Producer and now serves as the Executive Producer of Mecum Auctions ‘On the Move’ podcast which he co-hosts with Mecum’s TV commentator, John Kraman.

Each week the guys share their insight and the latest news on the collector car industry, the new car market and more.

Author Matt Avery
Matt is an author & producer & host of the Mecum Auctions 'On the Move' podcast.

For ten years Matt wrote an automotive column in the Chicago Daily Herald and his career includes time on the board for the Midwest Automotive Media Association.

His book, COPO, is the authoritative guide for the legendary muscle cars processed through Chevrolet’s Central Office and the photography he captured has a permanent home in the General Motors Heritage Center archives.

In 2020 Matt was placed on SEMA's '35 Under 35’ List, recognizing rising young stars in the automotive industry, and in 2021 Matt became a member of SEMA’s Future Leaders Network.

He currently is documenting each Berger Supercar Dick Harrell Edition and is considered as the leading research authority on these specialty vehicles.

Author Matt Avery and a 2002 Dick Harrell Camaro Supercar by Berger and GMMG
Matt has traveled far and wide in documenting numerous DHE Camaros.

Follow Matt Avery news & video on:

Official blog: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter:

‘Camaro Special Editions’ Book:

Graphic resources provided by Vecteezy


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1 Comment

Jim Smith
Jim Smith
Oct 07, 2022

Thanks Matt for making this happen for th4e GMMG Community. Everyone, try & attend - you will love MCACN. Jim Smith

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