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What is a GMMG Camaro?

A GMMG Camaro is a fourth-generation Camaro modified by the performance shop, GMMG, Inc. Their facility was located in Marietta, Georgia with the company being formed in 1998 by Matt Murphy. It closed in 2011. 

Their efforts mainly were launched through a partnership with Berger Chevrolet in Grand Rapids, Michigan. GMMG was tasked with creating a limited run of 2000 Camaros to celebrate the historic dealership's 75th anniversary.


From there, GMMG would create several other batches of special Camaros for Berger along with other dealerships including Tom Henry Chevrolet and Earnhardt Chevrolet.


GMMG also created several performance-oriented batches of Pontiac Trans Ams for Carl Black Pontiac. They also created a run of orange Chevrolet Silverado pick-up trucks in conjunction with Home Depot.  

It was common for Matt Murphy to sign and date the engine bays of completed

Camaros he and his team modified.

GMMG Camaro Programs

GMMG's Camaro programs focused on 2000 through 2002 model year Camaros and included the: 

  • Berger SS

  • Tom Henry SS

  • Hot Rod Edition

  • Intimidator SS

  • ZL1 Supercar

  • Dick Harrell Edition

  • Performance Edition

Identifying a GMMG Camaro

The primary indicator a fourth-generation Camaro was modified by GMMG is by inspecting the driver's door jam for a numbered brass tag.

Another indicator is exterior badging. Many times GMMG installed a red, white, and blue Yenko-inspired crest badge on the rear taillight panel, on the driver's side. 

A third way is through original documentation which could include GMMG's second and third selling stickers. The second selling sticker will detail the package contents with the third selling sticker detailing above and beyond options installed. Both will contain data that correlates to the individual vehicle. 

Find out more about GMMG's story in author Matt Avery's newest book,

Camaro Special Editions.

Inside the driver's door jam, GMMG technicians riveted numbered door tags to indicate vehicles modified through their shop. 

Inside the driver's door jam, GMMG technicians riveted numbered door tags to indicate vehicles modified through their shop. 

'The Rise & Fall of GMMG'

During the 2022 Bloomington Gold Corvette and Camaro Show and it's 'Gold School' educational classes, author Matt Avery debuted a brand new hour-long seminar, entitled 'The Rise & Fall of GMMG'. 

The presentation details the story arc of Matt Murphy and his GMMG shop, along with detailing the specifics and overview of the Camaros they modified. 

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