14 of 36: Matt Avery Documents his 14th 2002 Dick Harrell Supercar Camaro

Hot on the trail of this 4th-gen legend, the author has captured another DHS Camaro.

Matt Avery documented his 14th 2002 Dick Harrell Edition Supercar Camaro.

In his quest to see and experience each and every 2002 Dick Harrell Supercar Camaro, Matt Avery has checked another one off his list, documenting DHS #15.

The vehicle's foundation is a 2002 Camaro Z28 with T-tops and was painted in Sunset Orange Metallic. It received a Phase III engine upgrade adding an all-aluminum 427ci C5R V8 along with the optional Hurst line lock, selling for $112,024 when new.

About Matt Avery's DHS Documentation Registry

Just 36 Dick Harrell Supercar Camaros were created: 1 GM show car, 1 pilot vehicle, 3 prototypes, a convertible prototype, followed by 30 production vehicles.

Inspired to uncover and celebrate their full story, automotive historian Matt Avery has made it his mission to document each and every one, creating the most up to date Registry. This undertaking has taken him around the country as he captures new images along with close examinations of build practices and accompanying documentation.

This run of special Camaros was commissioned by Berger Chevrolet, in Grand Rapids, Michigan, with modifications and conversion work taken place at the GMMG performance shop in Marietta, Georgia.

Matt's new book, Camaro: Special Editions, showcases these vehicles' story and features one prominently on the cover.