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GMMG's 2001 Intimidator SS Camaro Convertible Resurfaces

Updated: 3 days ago

The rumors are true: a single 2001 Intimidator SS Camaro convertible was surreptitiously created by Matt Murphy’s GMMG team.

2001 Earnhardt Intimidator SS Camaro Convertible #13 by GMMG

Mysterious Origins

The unauthorized droptop, identified by Murphy as car number 13, was unveiled at this year's 23rd Annual All GM Show, presented by Berger Chevrolet, in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Since being created at GMMG's facility over two decades ago, the Camaro has never been publicly displayed, instead being tucked away and far out of sight.

The car is part of the iconic 2001 Intimidator SS Camaro program, initiated by the late legendary NASCAR competitor, Dale Earnhardt. Building on the success of Berger Chevrolet's popular Berger SS Camaro program from the previous year, Earnhardt commissioned Matt Murphy and his crew to create 100 modified 2001 SS Camaro coupes and T-Tops.

These cars would follow in the footsteps of the cosmetic-focused Championship Series (1994-1995) and Signature Series (1996-2000) Camaros offered by Earnhardt's dealership.











* - PR1, PR2

** - Convertible #13 & a 2002 Intimidator SS Camaro built for Kelley Earnhardt (thought to be identified as 'PR3')

2001 Earnhardt Intimidator SS Camaro Convertible #13 by GMMG
Like others, car #13 was numbered on the rearview mirror.

Package Contents - Exterior

All of the vehicles were to be black coupes and up-fitted with package contents like chambered exhaust mufflers with stainless tips, a carbon fiber air-box, ball-milled brake rotors, American Racing 200S alloy wheels with painted 'Magnetallic Grey' spokes, and a front grille insert highlighted with a retro 'SS' badge.

2001 Earnhardt Intimidator SS Camaro Convertible #13 by GMMG
A carbon fiber airbox bears the package's logo.

With the performance upgrades, total horsepower was officially rated at 381, a number combination with special meaning to Earnhardt. The racecar he drove for Richard Childress Racing bore his iconic number 3 while his son, Dale Earnhardt Jr., and Steve Park who drove for Earnhardt’s team, piloted race cars bearing numbers 8 and 1.

Each of the Intimidator SS Camaros received a painted matte black taillight panel with chromed infill Camaro lettering, program badges, and a 'Magnetallic Grey' hood stinger and deck stripe graphic.

2001 Earnhardt Intimidator SS Camaro Convertible #13 by GMMG
2001 Earnhardt Intimidator SS Camaro Convertible #13 by GMMG
A central hood graphic with horsepower callouts was added.
2001 Earnhardt Intimidator SS Camaro Convertible #13 by GMMG
GMMG's unique chambered exhaust.

Package Contents - Interior

Inside the cabin, embroidered floor mats were added along with items like a numbered cloisonné on the center console, an output badge on the center stack, and a rearview mirror with compass and auto-dimming functionality.

A personalized touch was a Bright Argent silver gauge insert autographed by Earnhardt himself. It's been reported Murphy brought the initial batch of inserts to the 2001 Daytona 500 where Earnhardt signed them prior to the start of the race in his motorcoach, parked in the track in-field.

The remainder was to be purportedly signed after the race back onsite at his dealership.


Autographed Examples

#01-28, #46, #50, #52, PR1, PR2

Total Signatures

33 cars

The package also included a fitted car cover with the Intimidator SS logo. Each car was numbered with numeral graphics applied to the rearview mirror and on the base of the windshield, matching the number presented on the console cloisonné.