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COPO the book now seen on the SuperCar Registry

Updated: Feb 22, 2021

One of the most vibrant and active online discussions related to all things concerning the legendary Chevrolet COPO cars can be found at The Supercar Registry, at During the multi-year research for my book, the robust site proved invaluable as a way to connect with highly-knowledgeable experts, dig into complex technical dialogues, peruse old photo archives and so much more. It's a wealth of information and a great place to connect with other gearheads and enthusiasts.

Starting this week, a brand-new banner for COPO has been rolled out and added to the forum, adding another resource to the site's passionate users and commenters. Click here to check it out. I'm excited to share what I've learned and discovered to the ever-growing conversation as the full story of these COPO cars is fleshed out in this digital space.

Side note, while the site is home for tons of information relating to the COPO cars and dealerships, including Yenko, Berger and others, it does include data and discussions for many of the other brands' muscle car icons from the 1960s. I highly recommended checking it out and jumping in to join the dialogue. You'll be surprised how much you'll learn.



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