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Super Chevy Magazine Names 'COPO' A 'Best New Product for Chevy Muscle Car Enthusiasts'

For 2019, Super Chevy magazine, has named COPO the book a 'Best New Product for Chevrolet Muscle Enthusiasts'. Super Chevy features world famous magazines including Camaro Performers, Super Chevy, Corvette Fever, and Chevy Hi-Tech Performance. It's one of the leading online sources for Chevrolet related news, features and stories.

COPO the book, the latest by author Matt Avery, tells the full story of Chevy's ultimate musclecars, the COPO cars.

COPO the book is a natural fit for the high-revvin' list, as the newly released book centers on telling the story of Chevrolet's ultimate muscle cars - the legendary vehicles processed through the General Motor's Central Office.

Any diehard gearhead, casual enthusiast or interested reader will get the full scoop on how these legendary vehicles came to be. Author and photographer, Matt Avery, traveled to over fourteen U.S. states and to Canada to see, experience and document the world's best examples of COPO cars.

To view Super Chevy's full list and to see what else made the cut, click HERE



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