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Chevrolet's iconic Camaro arrived in the fall of 1966 and, although tardy to market, it came ready to mix things up in the wildly popular "pony car" segment. Ford's Mustang was a runaway success, but this new competitor reined in momentum by offering customers an even closer friend of driving enthusiasts.

A credit to General Motors, the Camaro charged hard out of the gate, becoming an instant hit. In each of its first three years, it sold almost a quarter million units, causing a decline in sales for the crosstown Detroit rival. In the decades to follow,


Chevy crafted Camaro variants to suit everyone with enterprising hot rodders and performance tuners always taking it one step further. Enter the high-octane world of Camaro special editions.

Driven to achieve their own competition success and following the high-revving demands of enthusiasts, numerous Camaro special editions have been produced over the years, becoming some of the most collectible cars of all time.

Covered here are not only the factory models such as Indy 500 and Brickyard 400 pace and festival cars, ZL1s, anniversary editions, IROC-Zs, Player's Challenge, Hot Wheels editions, Z/28s, and RS/SS cars. Also, Camaro Special Editions covers the legendary COPO cars and dealer go-fast specials from builders including Yenko, Dana, Nickey, Berger, Baldwin-Motion, Gorries, and Dick Harrell.

More modern performance editions are covered as well with Callaway, SLP, SVE, GMMG, Earnhardt, and more. Detailed information is provided on the most notable models from 1967 to today, including build numbers, production specs, and their collectability.

This book is a must-have resource for the Chevy and Camaro faithful.Discover a fascinating array of special edition Camaros written by Chevrolet historian and COPO authority, Matt Avery.


Camaro Special Editions

  • Camaro's storied history is marked with highpoints of numerous special editions and this book covers the most exciting and most memorable. All six-generations are detailed including looks at icons like the Z/28, COPO, ZL1, Yenko, GMMG, SLP, Callaway, Earnhardt, Indy 500 and many more. 

    Signed by author Matt Avery

  • Each book will be signed and sent USPS Priority Mail. 

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