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1967 Black Panther Camaro
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Matt Avery's research on the Gorries Chevrolet 'Black Panther Camaros' is a fascinating endeavor, as very little is known about these rare and custom-crafted Camaros.


As a well-respected automotive author and historian, Avery is dedicated to uncovering the stories behind these special vehicles and compiling an official registry to document their history.

If you have any information on the 'Black Panther Camaros', such as owning one, a memory related to one, or any other relevant details, Avery would love to hear from you. He believes that every bit of available data can help to piece together the history of these unique Camaros.

By contributing to Avery's research, you can help to shed light on an important piece of automotive history and ensure that the legacy of the 'Black Panther Camaros' lives on for future generations of car enthusiasts.


So don't hesitate to reach out to Avery and share your knowledge or experiences related to these rare and distinctive vehicles.

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